Duration: 6:12

a glow are singer/songwriter Jette von Roth and DJ/producer Mijk van Dijk from Berlin.

Together they produce crackling campfire electronica.
„Monsters“ is their second single release out of their forthcoming album „of the undergrowth“, due this fall.

The atmospheric original features again the unique voice of Jette von Roth.
It is accompanied by remixes by Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito, Humate, Jette and Mijk van Dijk each on their own, as well as by a spectacular video by the Cologne-based visual artist Uli Sigg. Jette and Mijk know him through his collaborations with the Liquid Sky Berlin collective around Dr. Walker.

Jette sings about the monsters, fears and thoughts that follow us in our dreams and which we can not banish from our heads.
Uli Sigg dresses the song into dystopian images of a dissolving world as presented daily by the media. Reality crumbles literally before our very eyes.