Electronic LIVE JAM

On Easter Sunday, the KIWILOUNGE© PRODUCTIONS TEAM invites you to a unique Easter special by the PSYCHEDELIC KITCHEN CREW at „Schlagwerk“ Berlin.

In addition to futuristic DJ sets by dancefloor heroes such as TANITH (The Godfather of Techno), BLEED from the Berlin-based electronics and lifestyle magazine de:Bug, and STROBOCOP, the label head of the cult label „Karaoke Kalk“ and former Liquid Sky & Electro-Bunker resident DJ – the event spans genres like New School Acid, Electro, Techno, Breaks, Industrial Noise, and Cosmosphunk. There will be several spontaneous Live Electronics Jams featuring top musicians like YAPACC (Heroes of the Revolution / Trapez), REINHARD SCHMITZ (ex Digidesign / Rei$dorf Force), DR. WALKER (Air Liquide / Heroes of the Revolution and founder of the Psychedelic Kitchen Movement), EXAFUNK from Native Instruments, THE SINESURFER from the new Cologne post-minimal school, the likewise Cologne-based Electropunks ÜBERKRACH, the Acid Sensation TRIGGER from Heidelberg, and the exceptional Munich electronic artist DIGITAL SUICIDE.

It is the interplay of experienced musicians and fantastic emerging talents that make the PSYCHEDELIC KITCHEN CREW jams so thrilling and captivating. The jams will last 30 – 60 minutes each, with live and DJ performances alternating, promising an energizing atmosphere. An unparalleled Acid/Techno/Electro spectacle!

The party will be underscored with trippy visuals by VJ pioneer ULI SIGG and multimedia artist DR. WALKER, who will create abstract poetry during the event and digitally translate it into projections.


TANITH (Berlin), YAPACC (Berlin), DR. WALKER (Greece), BLEED (Berlin), STROBOCOP (Berlin), REINHARD SCHMITZ (Bremen), DIGITAL SUICIDE (Munich), FLAAPS (Luxembourg), UEBERKRACH (Cologne), TRIGGER (Heidelberg), EXAFUNK (Berlin), THE SINESURFER (Cologne)… and many more Artists!!


Totalumbau Crew, ULI SIGG & DR. WALKER (Air Liquide)