Games Remixed

„Games Remixed“ showcases the creative application of digital media, the internet, and computer games. The live performance in Hall 11.1 by DJ Tom Strauch and VJ Uli Sigg is a cultural contribution to Gamescom.

The term „Visual Music“ emerged in connection with experimental film in the first half of the 20th century. At that time, avant-garde artists such as Mary Ellen Bute, Oskar Fischinger, Hans Richter, or Walter Ruthmann sought correspondences between sounds and images, rhythmic abstract forms, and classical music in their films.

Today, the creative embodiment of a newly formulated total art or avant-garde aspiration is represented by DJs and VJs, the phantoms of pop culture. They collect, archive, and sample to bring everything into a new overall context. Their sets are pulsating chains, their links consisting of ultra-short loops, endless grooves, and melodic fragments interlacing with one another, puzzle pieces of an idea constantly being edited, regrouped, adapted, and ultimately assembled into a vision.

In the here and now, the past, present, and future unfold in a diverse interplay. Their reflective, self-determined, and natural approach to the latest technology makes DJs/VJs a driving force for self-liberation.