Seven Divas

Singers: Janet Williams, Fabienne Jost, Ji-Yeon Shin, Sabra Lopes, Elisabeth Markstein, Monica Schmidt, Katharina Schutza

Piano and Musical Direction: Christoph Israel

Percussion: Florian Goltz/Franz Bauer

Arrangements: Johannes Roloff, Christoph Israel, Wolfgang Korr

Stage and Projection: Uli Sigg

Costumes: Dorothe Uhrmacher

Concept, Direction, and Production: Pepe Danquart

A production of Tipi (Lutz Deisinger)

The performance begins with an enchanting, mythical, and ritualistic atmosphere – like a tale from ancient times, recounting the origin of music from a universal language. At this summit of the seven divas, the focus is on a wild crossover ride through music history and various genres: classical, pop, rock, and world music are masterfully blended into a harmonious whole by the ensemble.

Individual voices, including that of opera star Janet Williams, recede behind the all-encompassing total artwork. Stage design, costumes, lighting, and videos contribute to this effect. With an ironic and playful demeanor, the seven divas – each a prominent figure in her own right – engage in a friendly vocal competition, only to continually come together, even from the depths of the audience, on stage, and in unity.

Expertly arranged, choreographed, and sparingly instrumented by piano and percussion, the performance is, of course, sung captivatingly. Whether showcasing the full „Power of Destiny,“ the comedic „Cat Duet,“ or traditional African and Balkan songs, these „Human Voices“ impress across the board.

With this elaborate in-house production, Tipi has achieved a late summer highlight.