experimental music & video art

moogulator live @ lsb.TV – superbooth 16 special – visuals: uli sigg & matt black

is a ground-breaking concept of cross-media music television created by multi-creative design terrorist and visionary noize maker, Ingmar Koch a.k.a. Dr. Walker, brought to life with the help of Uli Sigg, one of Germany’s most applauded visual artists and one of the country’s pioneers in VJ culture.

Coming straight from the heart of the Berlin underground scene the show represents not only the core of the art and experimental place known and recognized as Liquid Sky Berlin. The Berlin based collective is a family of producers, DJs and visual artists as well as renowned tastemakers from all around the world… and sometimes beyond. Presented within an interdisciplinary flair that has already been described as “a fkkkd up version of MTV on angel dust” throughout its extensive test phase.

lsb_TV – 5 different shows

our “distorted view on the disturbing reality” comes in full focus when the lsb_TV crew enters the Berlin-based studio every Saturday night to conjure 6 hours of audiovisual mayhem and wizardry which is broadcast in vivid HD quality to your screens and speakers.

starting with five different shows named psychedelic kitchen, #chilloutberlin, fkkn noize, telepathic bubblebath and Kompressionskammer, lsb_TV includes studio talks and interviews with various international (and, of course, outernational guests) dedicated to music & arts. See and hear live acts and digital performances accompanied by VJ / video art performances, as well as the occasional live footage from the most distorted lifestyle and nightlife environments you can ever think of.

lsb_TV is an audiovisual sculpture of a kind, amalgamating a wide range of rare & exclusive material, special edits, overdubs, and interviews, record reviews, studio reports, gearporn and equipment tests — whatever the advanced listener & lover of quality psychedelic electronic music can think of or longs for — transmitted via Alex.TV Berlin and on interwebz worldwide.

Whilst running black operationz on screen, lsb_TV is set up to radically change your music television experience with a global network of artists and partners, all dedicated to high quality electronic music of any kind, running in parallel with a tightly-knit network of activities, projects, and websites able to provide a multitude of synced or additional information / art / news streams alongside the main show. Examples include Mijk Van Dijk’s renowned website,, with a fanbase of worldwide followers; Claudia Rey & Carlos Soul Slingers‘ art collective, fashion brand. and shop, Liquid Sky NYC; the Psychedelic Kitchen Blog maintained by the Hamburg-based creative baze.djunkiii who is also founder and head of the international music website which might be one of the longest-running electronic music blogs of the last decade.



Dr. Walker is an original driving force in the Frankfurt and Cologne Techno scenes, having co-founded Delirium Cologne (later renamed to “Kompakt”) and the Liquid Sky Cologne “living room” bar/club. Forming the legendary project Air Liquide together with his long-term musical partner, Cem Oral, quickly lead to worldwide recognition of this creative figure and mastermind behind labels like XXC3, Hotel Lotte, Djungle Fever, Syncom Productionz and many others. After extensive touring all over the globe, running his own Cologne-based Club Camouflage for years, and being involved in essential events like Electro Bunker Cologne and Battery Park Cologne, Dr. Walker finally touched down in Berlin where he is busy developing the Liquid Sky Berlin headquarters

Working within the realms of audiovisual art and experiment for almost three decades now Uli Sigg has become one of the most influential activists in the field of video art, projection and upfront audio-video-amalgamation-techniques backed by a vast and rich history of projects and valuable expertise. His experience and visionary approach to the audiovisual concept is highly praised and includes the whole spectrum in audiovisual art – from on tour stage projection for bands like Air Liquide, Nightmares On Wax or Ancient Astronauts to concepts for the renowned Jazz Festival Moers, involvements in theatre and TV production, works for the Gamescom fair, regular appearances at Funkhaus Europa, commissioned work for Deutsche Telekom, festival curation and much more.