Audiovisual Concert

SONIQ presents the concert program Archipelago! The Cologne-based collective SONIQ, featuring saxophonist Christina Fuchs, pianist Jarry Singla, and percussionist Ramesh Shotham, has invited the duo MERZOUGA, composed of Eva Pöpplein and Janko Hanushevsky, to jointly develop a concept. Amidst the pandemic, the world had shrunk to millions of tiny islands. We felt separated yet connected. From this sentiment, we invited our musical friends from around the globe to send us small sound snippets from their islands. From the immense abundance of these little tones, grooves, sounds, and noises, originating from Vienna, Greenland, Tamil Nadu, Bolivia, Brazil, Chennai, Mexico City, New York, and Detmold (to name just a few), Merzouga has developed a 20-minute electro-acoustic composition that serves as the foundation for the concert program we now perform. In turn, Uli Sigg has drawn inspiration from the music for his collages and will accompany the live performance with his fantastic visuals.

Archipelago Sounds

Kim Efert, Germany

Bohdan Hanushevsky, Austria/Ukraine

Inga Hansen, Greenland

Peter Herbert, Austria

Florian Kmet, Austria

Marco Lobo, Brazil

Lasse-Marc Riek, Germany

Vinayak Netke, Mumbai, India

Jarry Singla, Field Recordings, Bolivia/India

Alexandre Lora, Brazil

Christina Fuchs, Field Recordings, Iceland/Switzerland

P. Naresh, Veena, India

Merzouga, Field Recordings

Tavil Narayanan, India

Ramesh Shotham, Field Recordings, Auroville, South India