c/o pop

The Culture of VJing

The VJ Festival, held within the framework of c/o pop, positions itself as an international inventory of VJ culture, providing a forum for both the examination of its artistic self-concept and the advancement of effective representation of interests. c/o pop places the VJ Festival on equal footing with the music program, documenting the artistic autonomy of the VJ sets through the diverse international perspectives they offer. The VJ Festival is of central importance to c/o pop as it exemplifies the interplay between electronic pop culture and other aspects of urban life through the fusion of various electronic media and creative practices.

24 events 20 locations 31 VJs Installations and visual live performances by: 4youreye, Al Dhanab, Almost Sync., Auf der Lichtung, Beatsurfers, Blackdata, Bruno Tait, Content is Missing, Lichtsport, Matthias Siegert, Okinawa69, Risso, Sehvermögen, Studio Visuale, VJ Anyone, VJ E.V.E., VJ Sirious, Vlight.to, Warren Suicide

The VJ Festival c/o pop team:

Organization: Uli Sigg

Assistance: Tasso Treiss, Kjell Rijntjes

Website: Sabine Plog, Anselm Weidmann

Animations: Dirk Rauscher

Video-streaming: Oliver Gentges / Koelnbeben, Sven Janßen / Koelnbeben

Technical Support: 235 Media

Best Boy: Oliver Reiss