c/o pop 2005

Live Visual Performances, Installations and Workshops by:

Bruno Tait, Uli Sigg, Laufbild Werkstatt, Sehkombinat, Sehvermögen, shang1, Tim Fehske, Solu, Viagrafik, giraffentoast, visualvinyl, Eirenah, Lichtfront, okinawa69, VJ Konvex, Rüt Rüt, Impulskontrolle, Erkin Peprek, NotchandBead,Addictive TV, 4youreye, VJ Clad, VJamm Allstars, VJ Neon, Modul8, Nak, Eirenah, VJ, Riesso, VJ Kokomono

The VJ Festival c/o pop team:

Organization: Uli Sigg, Production: Tasso Treiss, Shumi, Website: Sabine Plog, Anselm Weidmann, Animations: Dirk Rauscher, Video-streaming: Oliver Gentges / Koelnbeben, Sven Janßen / Koelnbeben, Technical Support: 235, Media, Best Boy: Tim Fehske

Four themes structure the VJ Festival

Visual Park VJ sets along waterfront paths, connecting roads, in underpasses, parks, or shuttle buses transform Cologne into a projection canvas for new visual perspectives throughout the duration of c/o pop. Independent of the music program, new perceptions of public spaces emerge. These VJ installations achieve two things in addition to demonstrating their expressive power: First, they represent the festival’s ambition for the productive permeation of urban life, and second, they extend the experiential brand world of c/o pop beyond the festival grounds to the reach of their projectors.

VJ Pool The VJ Pool operates as an agency connecting Video Jockeys with concerts and parties at c/o pop. Engaging closely with event organizers, Bandbreite e.V. curates dynamic encounters between VJs and DJs. The club night kicking off c/o pop is a prime example: 10 clubs present 10 music labels and 10 VJ labels from various European countries under a single ticket. While the music predominantly hails from Western Europe and Scandinavia, the Video Jockeys mainly come from the vibrant Israeli and Eastern European VJ scenes.

VJ Arena The VJ Arena showcases the international top stars of the scene. A DJ set is simultaneously visually interpreted by eight Video Jockeys. The juxtaposition of aestheticized sets and socially engaged commentaries, the international differences in sampled imagery, and diverse editing and mixing techniques generate a new sensual quality of the party experience, further documenting the artistic expressive potential of this emerging profession.

VJ Symposium The demand for visual content continues to grow. Increasing bandwidth and advancing diversification in electronic media call for new visual design possibilities. Among others, Video Jockey installations provide the creative repository. Today, this young format prepares artistic processes for commercial use: initially only in clubs, but also in traditional theater, TV shows, trade show appearances, or at point-of-sale, visual set design with projections, live cameras, and mixing gains increasing influence.