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Opening-Event Belgo Bristol 1998 and Belgo New York 1999

Belgo was founded in 1992 by French-Canadian Denis Blais and
Anglo-Belgian Andre Plisnier.

Belgo is a small chain of London restaurants specializing in simple Belgian
cooking and Belgian beer. Belgo is noted for its arresting 1990s design and
architecture, including kitchens viewable by customers entering the
restaurant (Noord and Centraal) and its waiters and waitresses, who dress as
monks. Anand Zenz was the designer-architect responsible for the main
space and the furniture and fittings at Chalk Farm (Noord, 1992), with
Ron Arad taking over as architect-designer for the extension to Noord (1994)
and the 13,000-square-foot (1,200 m2) Belgo Centraal, voted London
Restaurant of the Year in 1996.

The brand was expanded to a chain of bar diners known as Bierodrome
in Clapham and Kingsway (and Islington, and Belgo Zuid (124 Ladbroke
Grove), both now closed) but those remaining open all now trade in the
Belgo format.