Duration: 3’38

feat. Azeem

camera: Ali Muhammad, Mihail Todorov, Thomas Nier

P & C 2012 ESL Music / Switchstance Recordings

release: July, 31st 2012 

cat.- no. ESL 214.

Switchstance Recordings releases a groovy mix of organic Hip Hop, Downtempo, Funk, Reggae, Dope Beats, Afro, Jazz, Latin and Breakbeats. Our artist roster consists of Ancient Astronauts, Protassov, Kabanjak, Muito Kaballa, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Deela, Fat Albert Einstein, Enrique Nicolas Noviello, Azeem, Void Pedal, Astroboter, Mango Juice, Aeronautix and Sema Lo. 

The label´s creed and therefore the style of its producers and DJs is to have ultimate freedom, whether in their musical movements or in “switching” between various styles.

The aim of the label is to combine early musical influences such as Funk, Jazz, Latin, 90´s Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Reggae with the most progressive techniques of electronic music production in order to create a new dynamic sound that pays respect to the diverse cultures it comes from. It is the soundtrack of the lives of artists that dedicate their time and energy to produce cutting-edge grooves for a conscious and open-minded generation.

Inspired by the label members‘ and friends‘ lifestyles in music, boardsports, arts and travels; the sound of Switchstance is always in motion and reflects a unique vision and attitude towards modern life.