Screen Content Transformed

Revitalizing the foyer landscape at Berlin’s Kulturforum – Conceptualization, design, and supervision of the visual content for LED walls. In the process of reimagining the foyer landscape at Kulturforum Berlin, four large LED walls are being installed to enhance spatial orientation and media communication of content. These walls are intended to be flexibly and diversely utilized for both in-house and external events. mvprojekte, Meyer Voggenreiter has been commissioned with the foyer redesign and, in this context, enters into a cooperation agreement with media artist Uli Sigg for the conceptualization, design, and supervision of the LED walls‘ visual content.

Art Direction is carried out in close collaboration with Meyer Voggenreiter. The design, presentation, and coordination of an overall visual concept for the LED walls will accommodate various content such as exhibitions, events, and ambiance. The artistic supervision of the LED walls will accompany all exhibitions and events of the SMB. The creation of a design manual for the LED walls, onboarding of in-house graphics and IT, and supervision of the LED walls‘ usage for customer events at the museum and location are also included in the project’s scope.