Sonographic Illumination

3-Channel Live-AV-Installation

Galerie Moeller – Bonn, January 2010

Frank Schulte – electronics and spatial sound architecture

Uli Sigg – interactive videoworks

Acousmatic is a current in electronic and electroacoustic music that deals with the movement of sound in space. In this project, the architecturally-designed sound space encounters the architectural light space.

For their performative and installative stagings, Schulte and Sigg utilize the space as a tableau for their own variations of real connections. In doing so, they construct a multidirectional sensory space that also functions as a spatial laboratory for interdisciplinary collaboration with other artists.

Frames, shapes, sound, illuminated objects, and lightscapes in public spaces form an urban radiophonic sound projection. This project encompasses sound architecture and building projections, a visual and acousmatic laboratory for architecture and urbanism, as well as light and sound architecture in a space of transformation.